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Broadcast your store's inventory online

We make it easy to get your inventory in front of online shoppers on brand sites, search engines, and even your own site or social media channels.

Connecting the dots between online and offline


Isn't it... crazy that someone who lives 5 minutes from your store is online right now looking at purchasing a product that you stock, and yet they have no way of knowing you had it?

Locally is addressing this disconnect. We've devised a near-universal way for a retailer of nearly any level of technical sophistication to broadcast their in-stock inventory to online shoppers.

Then, we syndicate your inventory across the internet: on brand sites, on our site, and even on your site, social channels, and more.


Broadcast Everywhere.

Two columns of data

Locally absorbs all necessary product information from our partner brands, so all a store needs to send us is a two-column feed with UPC and Quantity on Hand.

We match it up with the product info we have on file and turn it into a complete presentation of what's in stock at your store.

40 point of sale connections and counting

Total support for stores

Want assistance setting up your feed? Need us to relay some info to your tech guy or gal? We're happy to help!

Catch us during business hours on live chat, email us, request a demo, or give us a ring, and we'll get you squared away.

Locally has successfully worked with retailers using more than 40 different point of sale systems. Check out our support section to find step-by-step instructions for the most popular systems.

Your inventory, everywhere

Our goal is to intercept shoppers in all possible corners of the internet and present them with your in-stock inventory to maximize the chance that they walk into your store to complete their purchase.

A single, simple, free feed adds your inventory to:

Brand Websites Locally presents your inventory on Store Locators and Product Locators on major brand websites. Your inventory starts on, a popular destination for local shoppers.

Search Engines optimizes for local search, driving shoppers looking for products nearby to your selection.

Your Site and Social Channels Using our free Pages tools, you can effortlessly add your inventory to your own site and Facebook Page.

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
online-to-offline shopping solution.

Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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