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Use Locally on your website and social channels

Would you like to be able to display what's in stock at your store but dread the work and expense of running an e-commerce site? We have the perfect solutions.

The ecommerce solution you've been waiting for is here

For most stores we work with, they have two choices for reaching online shoppers: do nothing, or launch an expensive and likely unprofitable ecommerce site. With Locally, there’s another way.

Our Locally Pages™ tools allow you to effortlessly broadcast your in-stock merchandise on your own website and social channels and power transactions for in-store pickup.

Locally Pages™

Locally Pages™ makes it simple to grab your inventory from and post it to your own website. For free.

If you can copy and paste, you can install Locally Pages™ on your site in minutes.


Broadcast Everywhere.

Easily customizable

Drop in your entire inventory onto a single page of your site. Or easily embed different segments of your product selection pre-filtered by brand, category, gender, and more on your own site.

Locally Pages for Facebook™

Locally Pages™ is free for retailers

You promote your products and brands on social media, but what's the goal? Promoting products online often leads to online purchases. Locally Pages for Facebook™ helps you connect all the dots.

With Locally Pages for Facebook™, you can add your inventory to your store's Facebook Page in about 45 seconds.

You read that correctly. It is totally free for any retailer sending a Locally inventory feed to use Locally Pages™ to broadcast hundreds or even thousands of in-stock products on your own site and Facebook Page. This is part of the service that our partner brands are providing by being involved with Locally.


With Buy It Locally™, shoppers can not only see what's in stock at your store, but they can reserve or pay for items for in-store pickup.

Reserve Online, Pay In Store
A simple 24-hour hold request for in-store pickup.

Pay Online, Pick Up In Store
Payments, which are processed by Stripe, guarantee the sale.

Local Delivery (coming soon)
Our local delivery option will allow shops to provide same-day delivery service for nearby shoppers.


Mountain Chalet

Mountain Chalet installed Locally Pages™ so that shoppers can load pre-filtered pages and browse by brand or by category. Load and click any of the categories to see pre-filtered Pages for that result, or click "Brands" to zero in on all available inventory for that brand.

Get your inventory on search engines.

Locally handles sending your store’s inventory feed and the associated catalog content (product names, images, etc.) to Google. Your feed is transmitted daily or as often as hourly. Any product you carry by our partner brands will appear in Google.

Build a Locally-powered Shopify site.

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform with all the tools a retailer needs to run its online business including reporting, catalog management, customer accounts, and marketing tools. Possibly its greatest strength is the marketplace of applications to expand your site's capabilities and a community of developers and designers always investing in making the ecosystem better.

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
online-to-offline shopping solution.

Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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