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Add your inventory to Google with Locally

Integrate your live inventory into Surfaces Across Google, which includes Shopping, Search, Maps, Images, and Google My Business.

Get your inventory out there

Locally handles sending your store’s inventory feed and the associated catalog content (product names, images, etc.) to Google. Your feed is transmitted daily or as often as hourly. Any product you carry by our partner brands will appear in Google.

Direct Searches

Shoppers often search by business name, address, or phone number, like "Dick's Sporting Goods," "REI," or "Macy's near me."

With this integration, shoppers that land on your store's Google listing can view and search your in-stock selection.

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Google Shopping

Google Search

Google Maps

Google My Business

Discovery Searches

Brand Searches

Get visibility with general search topics, categories, places and questions, like "shoes near me," or "rain jackets in Seattle"

With this integration, your inventory will appear in Google Shopping results as an "In Store" result for these Discovery searches for discovery searches relevant to what you carry.

Be in the results when a potential buyer searches for a product by name, SKU, description, etc. Example: "YETI cooler," "Nike shoes near me," "Patagonia jacket"

With this integration, your inventory will appear in Google Shopping results for Brand Searches relevant to the brands you carry.


Google See-What's-In-Store is powered by Locally Landing Pages.

On-Site Landing Pages

Off-Site Landing Pages

Host your own landing pages in an SEO-friendly subdomain that is powered and built by Locally.

Point clicks to your private subdomain on for free featuring only your store and/or brand.

Let's Look at How Sharing Inventory with Google Improves Visibility

Let's join forces.

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Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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