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Locally Landing Pages

A store locator works for shoppers who have expressed intent to visit a local store, but it isn't adequate for the acquisition of the local shopper. Locally Landing Pages allows brands and/or retailers to each (or co-operatively) run robust SEO and SEM campaigns on search and social media channels to acquire local shoppers to local inventory and transactions.


A few of our most popular landing page solutions.

Content Only Landing Pages

Locally powers a robust, SEO-friendly landing page solution for retailers, restaurants, and b2b businesses that prefer actual landing pages for each physical location rather than only a store locator.

Company Store Landing Pages

Beyond SEO-friendly content pages for each location, Locally also offers a solution for online-to-offline shopping at brand stores. Each physical location's inventory is transported to their landing page - which can be optimized for SEO and SEM campaigns.

Dealer Network Landing Pages

If a manufacturer has authorized retailers (and perhaps their own stores) that they would like to promote across SEO or SEM campaigns, Locally can create dynamic mini-sites for each location - and empower shoppers to complete their online-to-offline purchase directly with the retailer in their community.


Our team can build a solution that matches your required look and feel

We can support all aspects of an online-to-nearby shopping experience.

Search & Navigation

Mapping, Hours, Social Media

Real-Time Inventory


“Our products are in high demand, especially right now, since people want to get outdoors to ride their bikes, go camping, and enjoy nature. Locally is particularly valuable if a product is not available or sold out on site. When our customers are looking for a bike rack or cargo box in-market, Locally helps to direct them to the nearest store where they can pick it up or get it installed.”

Sylvia Choi
Yakima Digital Marketing Manager

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