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Product Discovery

Locally was founded to enable online shoppers to discover what's in stock and make purchases at nearby stores. Today, we help a million shoppers a day discover where they can find what they are looking for nearby.

Find out how.


Channels that collaborate rather than compete is what underpins a true multi-channel strategy.

Many online shoppers are simply information-seeking.

The vast majority of sales will still happen offline.

Let's connect the dots and make sure the shopper is delighted.

Shoppers do product research online for many reasons. Some want to learn more about a brand, others may be interested in reading reviews, many are comparing prices. But, doing product research online doesn't mean the customer will ultimately buy the product they are researching online.

Matter of fact, after removing the four largest online retailers, total online sales is only a low single-digit of all retail sales.
Brick and mortar sales remain nearly 90% of all retail sales - and are still growing. Clearly, a small improvement in local sales will yield the maximum improvement in overall sales.

The brands that are capturing our attention online - like Amazon, Lululemon, Apple, and Home Depot all understand this. They are making considerable investments in opening stores or optimizing their local inventory for online purchasing (BOPIS).
 Apple doesn't care where you buy their products, just that you do.


How Locally gets real-time stock in front of online shoppers.



We connect to dozens of the most popular point-of-sale and ERP systems and collect real-time inventory from each.



We make sure the inventory is up to date using an auditing algorithm that senses unrealistically low changes.



With inventory in-hand, we compare the data to our clients' authorized dealer data.



We provide brands and retailers with an array of ways to engage online shoppers with local inventory.



All of our tools support online-to-offline transaction types like BOPIS, ROPIS, Same-Day-Delivery, and more.


Here's a sample of how some of our clients use this.

We serve 400+ premium brands and over 10,000 small, medium, and large retailers. Our tools create engagements that drive shoppers toward successful nearby purchases.

Great Outdoor Provision Co

Driving in-store visits in the Carolinas


Online and offline shopping for Yeti

Brown's Shoe Fit

Promoting foot traffic for Brown's Shoe


We built a truly premium experience

Rack Attack

Rack 'em up at Rack Attack

New Balance

A balanced channel approach

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
online-to-offline shopping solution.

Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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