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Same-Day Local Delivery

As major e-commerce players move closer and closer to ‘on-demand’ shopping and same-day delivery, learn how to win the last mile and delight your customers.

Win the last mile.

Let’s face it: great customer service, outstanding locally-relevant product curation, and on-the-spot delivery are the prime differentiators for local shops. But what happens when a much larger selection of products becomes available to be delivered to shoppers same-day?

Much in the same way that technology drove movie theaters to compete with one another by adding air conditioning in the twentieth century, pizza-style delivery will define the winners and losers in the twenty-first.

Can you afford to let your online—or even local—competitors beat you in delighting your shared customers? Or is it clear yet that you will ultimately need to meet the needs of shoppers, however they choose to shop?

Same-day delivery is now offered in many cities in the U.S.

We work with delivery partners like Postmates, Deliv, and Uber to connect local inventory to nearby shoppers. Add this feature in your Buy It Locally setup page. The setup and user experience is seamless and convenient.

International same-day delivery services are coming soon.


Postmates is Merging with Uber

Retailers, we have a quick update for you, Uber now fully owns Postmates. This is something to keep in mind when offering Same-Day-Delivery. You will notice that orders are increasingly being fulfilled by Uber (or UberEats) couriers. Uber acquired Postmates this past winter and they are now in the process of migrating Locally’s delivery services to the Uber platform.

Let's join forces.

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