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Locally Ship-to-Store

Work directly with your brand partners to provide value to the shopper's purchase; fitting, installation, assembly, delivery, freight acceptance, etc...

Locally Ship-to-Store

Shopping online is super-convenient, offers enormous selection, and is 'always on.' But shopping in-store offers benefits that online shopping can't match: assembly, fitting, secure delivery, ongoing services, and more.

Shoppers don't like picking one or the other; they'd prefer both.

The best way to enable 24/7 shopping with safe deliveries, expert assembly, and/or professional fitting is to turn a brand's wholesale distribution into a network of service locations with an Amazon-Locker-like in-store pickup option available for the shopper to choose at the online point-of-purchase.

Let's imagine a scenario...

A shopper is interested in buying a roof rack for a hard-to-fit SUV. Despite having absolutely zero mechanical prowess, they manage to find the exact model for the vehicle online, but the local dealer doesn't carry this particular rack in their store. Plus, having a giant package shipped to an apartment complex is going to take way too long, cost way too much, and be way too risky to leave sitting out in public all day.

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Over a year ago, Locally began building a Ship-to-Store solution for a bike industry client. That solution enables the shopper to browse the warehouse selection of the brand on their site, but instead of having it shipped to the home of the shopper, the future bike owner picks a local dealer where the bike will be shipped. Once the store accepts the sale, their local mechanic assembles the purchase, and the mutual customer is alerted for pickup.

Let's review some of the obvious benefits for the three parties involved, the brand, the store, and the customer:

✔️    Convenient online shopping / marketing

✔️    Payment is accepted and sale confirmed before the shopper goes to the store

✔️    The item is shipped to a secure commercial delivery address

✔️    Commercial freight rates can be up to 50% less

✔️    Expert assembly

✔️    Expert fitting

✔️    Brand and Store work as partners

✔️    Revenue split is handled dynamically by Locally

✔️    Returns are more convenient for shopper

✔️    The store is more likely to support brands who are true partners with them

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
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Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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