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Locally for Retailers

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The definitive platform for online shoppers to discover and purchase your products from brand sites, your website, search engines, emails, and more.

Locally addresses a shift in consumer behavior.

Shoppers are moving away from in-store discovery and towards online research but want to retain the convenience and service of local shopping.

But, many retailers struggle to move away from antiquated marketing tactics and are increasingly invisible to online shoppers.

Brands must expand into digital marketing and distribution channels while maintaining goodwill with their highly-influential dealer network.

And, unified marketplaces far outperform one-off, proprietary solutions in the travel, shopping, accommodation, event, and dining industries.


Built to support local shopping.

Control your presence on Brand sites

Broadcast your store's inventory online

Sophisticated brands are increasingly serving shoppers by incorporating Locally on their websites. Claim your account and take full advantage.

Broadcast your store's inventory online

We make it easy to get your inventory in front of online shoppers on brand sites, search engines, and even your own site or social media channels.

Capture sales for in-store pickup

Use Locally on your website and social channels

Wouldn't it be convenient if when a local customer saw a product online, they could pay for it, reserve it, or have it delivered? Buy It Locally™ enables this from anywhere online.

Would you like to be able to display what's in stock at your store but dread the work and expense of running an ecommerce site? Locally Pages™ is the perfect solution.

Premium Tool Suite

Add your inventory to Google with Locally

Drive in-store traffic and transactions with the same best-in-class tools that our brand partners use, now available for retailers.

Integrate your live inventory into Surfaces Across Google, which includes Shopping, Search, Maps, Images, and Google My Business.

Capture SEO with

Access unique shopper insights in your city

Locally collects a tremendous amount of information about the products people are shopping for in your neighborhood. Locally AI makes these insights actionable. Make smarter buying decisions. Thrill your customers. is the internet's most popular local shopping site, featuring thousands of global retailers. We reach millions of shoppers monthly. Learn how to win your share of traffic.

Shopify Sites powered by Locally

Same-Day Local Delivery

As major e-commerce players move closer and closer to ‘on-demand’ shopping and same-day delivery, learn how to win the last mile and delight your customers.

Locally works with Shopify Partners who sync the inventory of your physical stores with Shopify, making it easy to pull in what you have available for sale online.

Locally Pushcart™

Locally Ship-to-Store

Work directly with your brand partners to provide value to the shopper's purchase; fitting, installation, assembly, delivery, freight acceptance, etc...

Already have a sales order management system for incoming BOPIS/Click-and-Collect transactions? Merge that solution with Buy It Locally using Locally Pushcart™

Share Unique Insights with B2B Ordering Platforms

Store Locator

Do you run a multi-location retail chain? Do you need a mapping solution that 'sells' shoppers on visiting your stores?

Locally can share unique insights with B2B Ordering Platforms such as your on-hand inventory by location and the popularity of specific products in your region.

Shop Locally

Learn More About Locally's Mission to Connect Local Shoppers to Nearby Stores and Brands

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
online-to-offline shopping solution.

Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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